BOB - Convenient and cashless travel on buses and trains. And always at the lowest daily fare!

What ist BOB?

BOB is the CASHLESS TICKET for spontaneous or occasional travellers, allowing you to ride the buses and trains care-free and cashlessly.

How to obtain your BOB card?

Order your BOB ticket here. Please enter your VBN-state postcode and you’ll then receive the application form for your local VBN subscription centre in Bremen, Bremerhaven or Oldenburg. Fill in, send it or hand it in - ready!

How to obtain your BOB card?

You can order your BOB card at the customer centres of BSAG in Bremen, BREMERHAVEN BUS in Bremerhaven and VWG in Oldenburg.

How much does BOB cost?

The green BOB card is free; you only pay for the trips you take. You’ll save money on every trip, because BOB always charges you the lowest daily fare.

How do I pay using BOB?

With BOB, you don’t need to pay at departure. Choose your destination and number of persons at the BOB machine, insert your card or hold it in front of the screen and you’re done. The journey is stored on the card and in the BOB machine and conveniently debits the corresponding amount from your account later on.

How does billing work with BOB?

Your bill will come with a transparent, precisely documented trip overview. Invoice amounts of at least 10 Euros are billed monthly. If you travel less, you’ll receive your bill quarterly at the latest. The trips taken using BOB are recorded daily and the cheapest fare per day (DayTicket, NightTicket and Bike DayTicket) is charged retrospectively on this basis. This covers 4xTickets, NightLine surcharges (4xTickets; after active booking), Schoolkids 10xTicket (BSAG and BREMERHAVEN BUS), SingleTickets for Kids, BikeTickets and ShortTripTickets. First Class surcharges (4xTickets) as well as Add-on Tickets are not taken into account when billing the best daily fare, and are charged separately. There is no further optimisation for 7 DaysTickets or MonthlyTickets.

Can someone travel with me on my BOB TICKET?

You bet! You can use the ticket with multiple people (max. 9 adults and 9 children).

Is the NightLine surcharge automatically detected?

The NightLine surcharge must be booked actively for the use of the NightLine transport provided by BSAG, VWG NightExpress lines (Nachtexpress), and the NightOwl lines (Nachtschwärmer) once per person and night. This will be shown separately on the BOB bill.

Where is BOB valid / Where can BOB trips be booked?

BOB is valid on all VBN transport services. BOB trips may be booked at machines operated by the following transport companies:

Bookable via the ticket machine onboard, or at the D/E platform outside Bremen’s main train station.

Bookable via the ticket machine onboard, or outside the customer centre at Bremerhaven’s main train station.

DB Regio
Bookable via the ticket machine at the following train stations:
Achim, Augustfehn, Barnstorf, Diepholz, Dörverden, Eystrup, Lemförde, Verden and Westerstede-Ocholt.

In the Regio-S-Bahn (Regional Suburban Rail network) and Weser-Ems network, you can book BOB using the machines on the platforms.

Bookable via the ticket machine onboard, or at the customer centres at the Lappan or ZOB.

Bookable via the ticket machine at the train station of Bremen-Oberneuland.

An overview map please find here: Ticket Offices / Ticket machines with BOB


  • The BOB CASHLESS TICKET means you’re always instantly ready to travel and don’t need to worry about anything. Whether because of bad weather or because the party’s still going – you’ll have your affordable ticket in your pocket with BOB!
  • Ride first, pay later – through convenient account debiting. Your bill contains a detailed trip overview to enable thorough checking. It is sent out monthly for bill amounts of € 10 or more, otherwise quarterly. An amount of € 5 will be credited to your first bill as a one-off if sent by email.
  • You no longer need any small change, because you can pay completely cashlessly using SEPA direct debiting.
  • Immediate blocking if lost. All it takes is a quick call to our 24-hour information service on +49 04 21/59 60 59, and your BOB TICKET will be blocked. You’ll receive a new BOB TICKET for a processing fee of € 10.
  • Your BOB CASHLESS TICKET is transferable and free of charge.
  • No minimum spend required and no base fee.
  • As an occasional traveller, BOB will always get you the "best daily fare", i.e. the cheapest daily fare based on the trips taken will be charged, taking into account 4xTickets, NightLine surcharges (4xTicket; after active booking), Schoolkids 10xTickets (BSAG and BREMERHAVEN BUS), SingleTickets for Kids, BikeTickets, and ShortTripTickets.
  • BOB comes with BODO: All BOB customers receive the BODO BONUS discount booklet as an additional extra. A number of partner companies in Bremen, Bremerhaven, Oldenburg and the entire VBN region offer numerous discounts. Enjoy movies, culture, wellness, swimming and much more at reduced prices.

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